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Fiat Stilo IAW5NF Magneti Marelli ECU REPAIR SERVICE - IAW5NF.T1

89.900 Ft
Elérhetőség: 10 db raktáron
Várható szállítás: 2022. június 28.

Leírás és Paraméterek

Fiat Stilo 1.6 IAW5NF.T1 or T9 ECU REPAIR Service with 1 year warranty

Here we are offering a repair service. This means you send us your faulty FIAT STILO 1.6 ECU and we repair it and post it back to you. Above price is not including postage fee.

If you are a professional workshop please contact our international sales representative for B2B prices. Please read the information under the category "Business Partners".

We also offer refurbish service for IAW5NFT2, IAW5NFT4 and IAW5NFTD both for Fiat Stilo and Fiat Doblo. Please send us a request for price.

Also we sell already refurbished units, please find it here: Fiat Ecu for sale

PLUG AND PLAY, NO CODING OR PROGRAMING IS NEEDED! But, please make sure that for the first time the ECU is installed to the car you especially ordered for, because the controller learns automatically only once. So if you try to test on another car then it won’t work on the next one.

For easy communication, if you would like to order a service please write us an e-mail here: sales@autodigit.hu

Common Failure symptoms of a faulty ECU:

  • Cutting out, mainly when engine warms up
  • LOOSE CONNECTION and ASR failure shows up on dashboard
  • Intermittent no start
  • No acceleration / 2000 rev limit
  • No start/no communication to the ECU

Common fault codes:

  • P0606 Engine ECU - functional failure
  • P1687 Faulty throttle body adaptation
  • U1601 CAN-communication - functional failure
  • C1521 CAN- communication with engine ECU faulty (in ESP unit)
  • P0115 Cooling water temperature sensor - functional failure
  • P1220 Throttle body position - signal implausible
  • P1120, P1121, P1122
  • Other faults are possible

T1: 5180279, 5180283, 55181521, 55187475, 73501880, 73502898, 6160052707, 6160052708, 6160052709, 6160052709, 6160052710, 6160052703,6160052705,6160052706
T9: 55189584, 51759028, 55186425, 55189590, 6160105401, 6160105403, 160105400, 6454N6HJ4E, 6160105402
T2: 5191134, 55182888, 55182744, 73502511, 6160045605, 6160045604, 6160052603, 6160045602
TD: 51759029, 55191130, 6160111201, 6160111200


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